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January 25, 2005


richmond's friend unnamed

danny told me to tell you, it was "Return of the Black Stallion" that gripped his heart bone. As far as "the Black Stazallion" he never saw it. he much prefers sequels to originals.


Hello? Black Beauty?? Young Elizabeth Taylor?

And my all time ALL TIME fave horse movie: The Man From Snowy River-- nothing can top the scene of the horse taking the steep cliff down and riding with the Bromby mob--- hooYAH!


i thought this was a daily post. why cant i drop my feelings at any time, knowing that this is an open blog (you crazy bloggers) when the blog-master doesnt even read the shizzle. . . i feel hurt. for this deliberate neglection ill keep my thoughts to myself. Good day... I SAY GOOD DAY SIR!!!

rodney "eight-legged surprise" daniels

Uh, I was under the distinct impression that there was no trolling or flaming in the comments section of this blog. Let's keep it clean, kids.

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