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January 27, 2005


Corbin "the commentor" Commentius

My favorite meat for grilling and baking is the tender sliver of horse-anus filet. Initially sinewy and chewy, two or three hours on a blackend spit make it deliciously tender. As I chew on the savory chunks of equine buttflesh, I like to imagine all the screams of the terrified children as they were *dominated* by grand stallions with such imposing names as 'Pegasus' or 'Shadowfax.' Often, I'd be so lost in my reverie that only the sounds of an approaching police car could make me leave my enclave in the park.

Yuri "I would have liked to have seen Montana" Kasparov

Da! The flesh of horses was eaten north of the Volga for seven months in winter of great uprising. Soviet people very angry for fresh, steaming meat. Think of small soviet boy who disappeared with horse behind wooden house. Many strange things happen in, how you say, crazy place in Mother Russia.

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